The LDGA Year 2015

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A review of the LDGA year

A gallery of photographs recounting all the things we’ve been doing in 2015.



19/3/15 – The Orchid, a talk…


… by Peter Drewitt – he’s the man who grew it.


Here’s a nice yellow one.


Spring clean at the store

15/4/15 – Spring clean at the store. “Seen Peter anywhere?”

Spring clean at the store

“No…, oh hang on!”


16/4/15 – Herbs talk by Herbal Haven.

Herbs close up

A close up of some lemon balm.


Plenty of thyme for shopping.

Seedling swap under the gazebo

19/4/15 – Seedling swap under the gazebo.

Some of the plants

Some of the little (& not so little) plants up for grabs.


A small fuchsia plant

A fuchsia seedling for Summer Show.
It’ll never be ready in 10 weeks.

A small chilli plant

The start of something big.
A chilli seeding for the Autumn Show.

A starter hamper for Montisori school

A starter pack hamper for the new Montessori School.

A view of Hillcrest nursery

21/5/15 – A visit to Growing Strong at Hillcrest Nurseries.
Plenty to choose from, including…

Some marigolds for sale

…some lovely orange marigolds.


Plants for sale

7/6/15 – Our plant sale…

Plants for sale

… at Stotfold Mill.

A view form the mill

A view from the Mill.

Potatoes growing in sacks

Sack of spuds anyone?

Our stall at the Letchworth Festival

Plants in unusual containers, including a strawberry tower made from old pallets.

Our stall at the Letchworth Festival

JB holding the fort & enjoying a chat.

Our stall at the Letchworth Festival

Our finest paper pot practitioner helps a young gardener to sow a sunflower seed.

At the Letchworth Festival

Our stall at the Letchworth Festival

More unusual containers and some potatoes for sale.

Our stall at the Letchworth Festival

A vegetable hamper and other competition prizes.

Our stall at Northfields School Fate

27/6/15 – Northfields School Fair

Our stall at Northfields School Fate

It’s the unusual containers again…

Our stall at Northfields School Fate

…and more pot making.


Clematis on display

16/7/15 – Clematis talk by the good folk from Priorswood Nursery.

Clematis on display

Lovely plants for sale.

Flowers at the Summer Show

Summer flowers at the Summer Show

A fruit and veg monster

A Scary fruit and veg monster.

Vegetables at the Summer Show

An array of vegetables on display.

Fishy cup cakes

There’s something fishy about these cakes.

A plate of redcurrants

A star exhibit – red currents.

Handicrafts at the Summer Show

He’s been stitched up.

At the Summer Show


Flowers at the Autumn Show

Some late summer colour.

A chair with embroidered upholstery

Great work by Barbara – too good to sit on

Vegetables at the Autumn Show

A fine looking harvest.

A plate of red apples

Should keep the Dr away for a few days.

Jars of preservatives

Some of these winners were a bit jammy.

A miniature flower arrangement

Small but beautifully formed.

At the Autumn Show


Kings Seeds banner

19/11/15 – Jason from Kings Seeds with…

Packets of beans

…a regal display of seeds for sale.

Packets of chilli seeds

There were a few freebies as well.

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