Mystery Seed Challenge

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Mystery Seed Challenge

To promote a bit of friendly rivalry and to encourage more members to join in with our produce shows we have introduced the ‘Mystery Seed Challenge’
Get your seeds from Tapps Garden Centre, grow them and show the resulting produce in class 34 at the 2015 Summer Show. The Tapps Trophy is awarded to the winner.
Take a look at how one of our challengers got on.

The mystery seed envelope

16/3/15 – £1 to a worthy cause swapped for 5 mystery seeds

5 filled pots

30/3/15 – 3 1/2″ pots filled and ready to go

5 seeds

3/4/15 – Time to unveil the mystery seeds; um looks familiar

A seed being sown

3/4/15 – The first seed being sown

5 labelled pots

3/4/15 – All 5 safely in and labelled up

Propagator lid on

3/4/15 – Lid on and away to a warm window sill

First signs of something happening

9/4/15 – First signs of something happening

There it is, a little leaf emerging

9/4/15 – There it is, a little leaf emerging

A little leaf continues to emerge

9/4/15 – The leaf continues its progress

Leaf fully open now

9/4/15 – Getting a move on now, leaf fully open

Seedling a week after sowing

10/4/15 – Just a week after sowing…

Seedling a week after sowing

10/4/15 – …coming along nicely

Seedlings being supported

14/4/15 – A little bit of support maybe…

Seedlings being watered

14/4/15 – …and their first drop of water

Seedlings after 2 weeks

17/4/15 – They’ve been growing for 2 weeks now

Seedlings continue to get bigger

21/4/15 – Still growing, might need more support soon

Seedlings with extra support

24/4/15 – 3 weeks gone – extra support added

Much larger seedlings

2/5/15 – Getting too big and it’s too early to plant out…

Pot removed showing root structure

2/5/15 – … I think I’ll pot them on, nice roots

Replanting in to larger pot

2/5/15 – In to the larger pot, add more compost, not too firm

5 repotted plants

2/5/15 – And there they are 5 in a row nicely repotted

5 plants lined up on a window sill

16/5/15 – ‘Let us out’ Nearly time to take them outside.

One of the plants with a big amber flower on it

19/5/15 – On flower now, must move them…

One of the plants in a sheltered corner

19/5/15 – …to a sheltered spot for hardening off.

A frame for supporting the plants

20/5/15 – I think I’ll try growing them vertically.

One of the plants being planted

22/5/15 – First one carefully in, roots have filled the pot again.

Hole back-filled and plant tied in

22/5/15 – Hole back-filled and plant tied in with soft ties.

A protective collar placed around base of stem

22/5/15 – A protective collar added to stop anything chewing the stem.

All 5 plants against the support frame

22/5/15 – All 5 planted out, 7 weeks since sowing.

The first little fruit staring to appear

4/6/15 – The first little fruit starting to appear…

A slightly bigger fruit

6/6/15 – … and now slightly bigger.

A fully grown fruit

21/6/15 – Now a fully grown spherical courgette.

A Pair of picked spherical courgettes

28/6/15 – Not a bad show entry – 3 weeks early though.

A Pair of picked spherical courgettes ready for the show

18/7/15 – Show day – another nicely matched pair ready to go.

4 show entries on the bench

18/7/15 – 4 entries to the mystery seed challenge, after judging.

Presentation of the Tapps Trophy

18/7/15 – Andrew receiving the Tapps Trophy from the man himself.

The results were:-

1st – Andrew Dear (second from top)
2nd – John Brookbanks (top)
3rd – John Humphries (bottom)
4th – Zena Truscott (second from bottom)

If you are curious, the mystery seeds turned out to be
Courgette Floridor F1 from Kings Seeds. Find out more >

Thanks to everyone who made their £1 donation for the
original packet of 5 seeds.

Watch out for next years Tapps Trophy challenge.

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