The LDGA Year 2016

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A review of the LDGA year

A gallery of photographs recounting all the things we’ve been doing in 2016.

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Members visiting the store

31/1/16 – Members flocking in to take advantage of …

The sales table

… the early season sale.

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AGM? I think that means Awfully Good Meringues

People gathering for AGM

18/2/16 – Members gathering for the AGM – good turnout

Final preparations for AGM

Final preparations underway – plenty of bumph to read

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Peter Jackson with a rose

21/4/16 – Peter Jackson from Scotsdale Garden Centre…

A collection of rose bushes

… and the rose bushes he brought along.

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Plants for sale

5/6/16 – Our plant sale…

Plants for sale

… at Stotfold Mill.

Plants for sale

Yes, it was a bit chilly

Plants for sale

Loads of plants for sale, only £1 each as well.

Our water saving display

It’s our old friend the ‘Saving Water in the Garden’ display again.

Our stall at the Letchworth Festival

Here’s our stall at the Letchworth Festival, well one side of it anyway.
Still promoting the water saving bit.

Competition 2nd & 3rd prizes

2nd & 3rd prizes in our water saving competition, the lavender was donated by Hitchin Lavender.

Competition 1st prize

1st prize, a water butt and stand which was donated by Affinity Water.

Strawberries for sale

Plenty of strawberries, £1 a time…

Tomatoes for sale

… not so many tomatoes
left though.

11/6/16 – Letchworth Festival Community stalls Day

Our stall at Letchworth Festival

Zena poised,
ready to serve the next customer.

Our stall at Letchworth Festival

More of the crew put in to the shade
by the lovely flowers.

A close up of 2nd prize

Have a closer look at 2nd prize donated to us by Baldock Flower Farm.

A view of Baldock Flower Farm

LDGA publicity table

Sweet peas

18/6/16 – Open day at
Baldock Flower Farm
See more pictures

A lupin close up

LDGA publicity table

Allium and poppy

19/6/16 – Open gardens
around Letchworth
See more pictures

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Summer flowers

Some lovely summer flowers on display

A cauliflower

Cracking cauliflower

A collage from Northfields school

“Summer Holidays” from Northfields school

16/7/16 – Summer Show
See more pictures

Some patchwork and lace

Some patchwork and lace from the handicrafts section

Fuchsia show


Fuchsia show


Fuchsia show


Fuchsia show


Fuchsia show


31/7/16 – Fuchsia Show
at Caldicote Church

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Members enjoying the plot to plate evening

10/8/16 – Members enjoying the Plot to Plate picnic…

All that's left of the spread

… not much left now!.

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Large pink dahlia

Giant decorative dahlia – Sir Alf Ramsey

A flower arrangement


Spiral flower arrangement

Floral art in a spiral form

6/9/16 – Wisley Flower Show

Members enjoying the allium display

They certainly know their alliums, these two

A dry garden

A dry garden

Rows of dahlia blooms

Rows of colourful dahlia blooms


Sprung a leek?

A prize winning fuchsia

The best pot plant in the whole show – well done JB


What might have been!

10/9/16 – Autumn Show. See more pictures

A flower arrangement by Clare

An arrangement created by florist demonstrator Claire McNamara

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Green Shoots' volunteers clearing the overgrown site

11-13/10/16 – Green Shoots’ volunteers clearing the overgrown site

Green Shoots' volunteers continue to clear the site

Getting there, outlines of a few beds starting to appear

Green Shoots' volunteer racking over a new raised bed

The first raised bed nearly finished, just a final rake over

Newly created raised beds with dog and wheelbarrows

That’s it, first phase finished, well done everyone. Even the dog’s tired

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A bucket of flowers ready for the arrangements

17/11/16 – Claire McNamara joins us…

Claire working on the first arrangement

…to give flower arranging demos.

Claire having a close look at the first arrangement

Let’s see – room for one more…

The first arrangement all finished

…and here is the first arrangement, complete with its Wimbledon roses.

Claire working on the second arrangement

Claire working on the second arrangement, a log sandwich this time.

The second arrangement all finished

…and here is the second arrangement, also featuring the Wimbledon rose.

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