Seedlings Early Summer Workshop

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Seedlings Early Summer Workshop 2019

Red poppies

Red poppies growing on the Seedlings plot

A marigold plant being potted on

Young fingers potting on a marigold

A picture of a hoverfly on a plant label

One stop on our wildlife safari

Children potting-on marigold plants

More marigold potting

Planting out the pumpkin patch

All hands to the pump… kin planting

Gazebo up and everything ready

All ready?

Children painting stones

Stone painters at work…

Two painted stones and a child's gardening glove

… and the finshed results

Planting out the pumpkin patch

More planting

A potted-on marigold plant

A potted-on marigold plant ready for the Autumn Show

Children sitting around listening to a story

Story time

Maroon poppies

More poppies from the plot, maroon this time

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