The LDGA Year 2020

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A review of the LDGA year

A gallery of photographs recounting all the things we’ve been doing in 2020.

Members sitting around tables chatting

Members enjoying this year’s Sausage Sizzle Social

Ladies serving soup at Potato Day

Cherry and Maureen serving soup at Potato Day

An over grown allotment

Member John Riley took over this allotment last May…

A properly cultivated allotment ready for the start of the season.

… by this March it looked a bit different – fantastic work

An Crown Imperial lily orange in colour

An Crown Imperial lily by the road side at Willian

A drift of primroses growing on a bank

A bank of primroses from our friends in the South

A stem of white blossom against a clear blue sky

Early spring blossom

Spring has Sprung
A selection of photographs from our gardens, allotments and the countryside

A single daffodil, yellow with orange trumpet back lit by the late afternoon sun

A lovely daffodil back lit by the late afternoon sun

Tulips in a trough

Tulips from member Jenny Williams’ garden

A circular hazel and bamboo plant support under construction

Diane Ketcher’s hazel and bamboo plant support under construction.

A grey cat sitting in the circular support

Diane’s cat inspecting the workmanship.

Primrose and pink tulips in a pot

Primrose and tulips…

A view of a spring garden with blossom and daffodils

…and blossom…

A plant with pink dangly flowers in a pot

…all from John and Pina’s garden in Hitchin

A male Chaffinch tries to come in through a closed window

Mr Chaffinch wants to come in

A male Chaffinch peering in through the glass

Mr Chaffinch disappointed

Spring flowers including daffodils

A selection of daffodils…

A close up of two salmony pink daffodils

…in our Chairlady’s garden…

A pot of small yellow daffodils

…in Ashwell

A  Flagpole Cherry tree in full blossom

More blossom from our southern friends, a Flagpole Cherry…

An avenue of cherry trees with full pink blossom

…and a whole avenue of pink cherry blossom.

A large head of cauliflower with leaves attached

An Aalsmeer cauliflower harvested from my allotment

A Jay in a lilac tree with twigs in its beak

A Jay in our lilac tree collecting twigs for its nest

A yellow daffodil with a bee in the trumpet

Mr bee takes a closer look.

A close up of a Common Dog violet

A Common Dog violet…

A close up of pink flowering currant blossom

…and a flowering currant from my garden.

A patch of Star of Bethlehem flowers

A patch of Star of Bethlehem flowers

A close-up of a Star of Bethlehem flowers

One of the flowers – close-up

A close up of a backlit tulip head

Six of the best…

Three pink spieces tulip blooms

…from Ros Dollman’s garden in Letchworth

A robin looks longingly at an empty bird feeder

Mr Robin thinking “It’s run out again”

A border including orange tulips and euphorbia against a white wall

Borders of orange and yellow…

A border of white and blue flowers against a square trellis

…and blue and white

Orangy and maroon tulips

Finally, some lovely tulips from Ros

A vase of multicoloured tulips - pink, maroon, orange

More tulips, indoors this time

A pink azalea in a pot

Myra’s pink azalea

A fern leaved crab apple in full white bloom

Myra’s fern leaved crab apple in full bloom

A pink rhododendron in an urn

My neighbour’s rhododendron

A male pheasant on grass

Mr Pheasant…

A female pheasant on grass

…and Mrs Pheasant…

A male pheasant on grass

…in my garden

Wisteria blooms areond the door at Serendi

Wisteria blooms around the door at Serendi.

A clay pot with ivy growing through a hole in the bottom

A clay pot with ivy growing through a hole in the bottom

Red tulips in front of circular hedges and a spherical water feature

In the knot garden with spherical water feature.

26/4/20 – Serendi virtual opening
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A variety of orange Calendula

Bright orange – a variety of Calendula, I think.

A view of a member's garden

One from member Sheila Rhodes – a view of her garden

A light mauve iris bloom

A few more from Myra’s garden…

A yellow and burgundy iris bloom

…a light mauve and yellow & burgandy irises…

A light mauve clematis bloom

…and a light mauve clematis.

A field of buttercups

A field of buttercups at Willian

Painted wooden models of a man with a sword, a woman and white dog with white spots

Mr and Mrs Wood of Willian with Spot the dog

A metal model of a bug holding a shovel

“It’s a bug’s life” – also resident of Willian

A baby blue tit being enticed out of the birdbox by the parent


A baby blue tit looks out of the birdbox, another sits on a branch near by


Another baby blue tit emerging from the box, one wing in and one wing out


A cylindrical variety of beetroot measuring 9

Longest ever beetroot? Not by a long chalk – the longest recorded was over 26ft long, mostly tap root though

Achievement – half standard, in its 3rd year

Lots of fuchsia plants in a greenhouse

Paul’s greenhouse full of Fuchsias

Blowick – quarter standard, in its 2nd year

Fuchsias from Paul Cunningham
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Members enjoying Val Aitken's garden

2/9/20 – Members enjoying the one-off September Social in Val Aitken’s garden

A runner bean pod measuring 19

Ron Garrod’s 19″ long runner bean – long enough to have won the show class most years.

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