Serendi Virtual Open Garden

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A virtual NGS open garden at Val Aitken’s ‘Serendi’ on 26/4/20

Wisteria blooms areond the door at Serendi

Wisteria blooms around the door at Serendi.

Pink, purple and orange tulips line the path

A line of tulips to invite us into the garden.

Multi green patterns of hosta leaves

Multi green patterns on hosta leaves.

Olive green and white hosta leaves

More Hostas, olive green and white this time.

Red Acer catching early morning sun

Acer catching early morning sun…

Acer tree in ap pot just outside the house

…and here is the whole tree.

The red & blue bed with tulips 'Dolls Minuet' and 'Lasting Love' with Borage, Camassia and not forgetting the forget-me-nots.

The red and blue bed with tulips ‘Dolls Minuet’ and ‘Lasting Love’…

Another view of the red and blue bed

…and borage, camassia and not forgetting the forget-me-nots.

A brick bounded oblong pond with large mirror showing reflection of the garden

Excellent use of the mirror, maximising the space available.

A Singer sewing machine stand used as a table with pots on

A sewing machine stand upcycled into a table.

Red tulips in front of circular hedges and a spherical water feature

In the knot garden with spherical water feature.

A well stocked border with pink tulips

More tulips, pink this time.

More pink tulips

And a few more.

Plants in pots on the table and on the floor of the glasshouse

In the glasshouse with a display of amaryllis.

A curving yellow flower border

Vibrant yellows in the largest bed in the garden.

Tulips of many different colours and a heuchera in the foreground

Tulips of many different colours and a heuchera.

Red tulips and blue forget me nots

Back to the reds and blues just before we finish.

Oxbow shaped gravel bed with spherical planting and a tall metal flower like sculpture.

Gravel bed with spherical planting and sculpture.

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