‘Seedlings’ – How it all Started

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‘Seedlings’ – How it all Started

Our ‘Seedlings’ contact is Kay Walker. Send her an email – seedlings@ldga.org.uk

Back in the spring of 2018 Kay Walker suggested that LDGA should start a children’s group and hold some gardening workshops. Parents that she knew with young children, said they lacked confidence in the garden and were not sure where to start. By devising a few simple activities, we would be able to educate both the children and their parents.

The group soon came to be known as ‘Seedlings’

Seedlings logo banner

Seedlings plot in April - overgrown

We soon realised that the Seedlings needed to have a purposely designed allotment on which to work. With this in mind, we approached North Herts District Council and in April they offered us, free of charge, the use of a plot just next to the Trading Store on the Norton Allotment Site. Here’s how it looked then – overgrown

By mid-May plot clearance was well under way and many bags of rubbish had been removed.

Seedlings plot in May - clearance under way
Seedlings at work at the spring workshop

During ‘National Children’s Gardening Week’ at the end of May, we held out first Seedlings Workshop. This took place on another allotment in Letchworth.

Activities included paper pot making, sunflower seed sowing and creating a mini wildlife garden in a bucket.

Here is some feedback from one of the Seedlings parents

“Thank you LDGA for putting on such a fantastic event. It is safe to say that both I and my children enjoyed the session for many different reasons, the social and creative balance was perfect for all ages and my two keep asking when they can go back. Their fairy gardens are displayed in pride of place on our patio and every few days they check it to see what is happening with their creations.”

On into June and thanks to the hard work of several of our members things are beginning to take shape

Seedlings plot in June - taking shape
Seedlings plot in September - looking good

And by September, with kind donations of greenhouse, slabs and shed plus more hard work from members, it looks fantastic

On the 16th September we were ready to hold our Autumn Workshop on the plot.

Activities at the second workshop included making bug houses, planting bulbs in pots and in the ground, and harvesting pumpkins from the pumpkin patch to take home.

Seedlings posing with the harvested pumpkins

Here is some feedback from one of the Seedlings parents

“What a great way to engage children and get them interested in where our fruit & veg comes from! Ellie had a ball making her bug home and planting her crocus bulbs ready for spring! A well organised event with plenty to do, see and take part in – key ingredients when entertaining children & encouraging them to learn. Would definitely recommend and look forward to the next one.”

Seedlings plot - bug hotel ready for winter

Later on in the autumn, using an old pallet, bamboo canes, straw and dried leaves we completed our insect hotel.
This will provide shelter and home environments for countless beneficial insects over the winter months.

By the end of the year the plot has been tidied up ready for the winter.

Seedlings plot at the end of the year - tidied and resting

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